Our vision is to positively influence the communities where we operate and to improve our production procedures to steadily achieve a greater harmony with the environment. We are guided by the conviction that sustainability impacts directly on productivity, improves customer satisfaction, strengthens business ethics and reaffirms shareholders' confidence in the long-term growth of the business.

For this reason, we have drafted a sustainability framework grounded on 3 pillars, each with different areas of action, oriented to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

We adhered to the sustainability model of Global Reporting Initiative, an institute that provides companies with a comprehensive framework to report on their materiality progress.


Commitment and social responsibility comprise the core of our culture and values, and are applied in each and every aspect of our operations.

In addition, to advance in the identified action areas of the social pillar of our sustainability framework, we outlined the following focus topics for each:

  • We have Non-Discrimination and Personnel Entry policies, which gear towards ensuring equal treatment of candidates regardless of appearance and physical abilities, schooling, language, sex, gender, age, sexual or religious preference.
  • We strive to maintain a close relationship with our employees, for which we carry out interaction activities through the Human Resources department, taking the necessary steps to ensure the talent retention.
  • We steadily conduct training programs and workshops, both on-site and virtual.
  • Our goal is no accidents. To achieve this, we have an annual safety and health program that includes awareness-raising campaigns, education, training, coaching and inspections to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.
  • We incorporated an Occupational Health and Safety Committee for each business unit, comprised of employees from strategic areas.
  • In response to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we implemented an action plan to safeguard the health and ensure the safety of all associates, preventing and minimizing COVID-19 transmission within the facilities; with actions that range from remote work to emotional support protocols.
  • We pursue the generation of formal employment in places where we can directly and indirectly incorporate people from the community.
  • Our associates participate in volunteer activities aimed at improving schools, cleaning green areas and reforesting them.
  • We promote a close link between our associates and the community through the Community Involvement Program (CIP), which directs social investment towards the sustainable development of our plants surrounding communities, with a short, medium and long term vision.
Empresa socialmente responsable

In Mexico, our social responsibility actions have earned us the ESR Distinction for 10 years in a row, which acknowledges us as a Socially Responsible Company. This recognition is awarded annually by the Mexican Philanthropy Center (Cemefi for its Spanish acronym) and AliaRSE.


Elementia Materiales' primary objective is to achieve the highest possible harmony between its production activities and the environment. To this end, it has an Environmental Management System through which it steadily monitors its operative figures related to the main environmental aspects (energy, water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste generation).

These are our areas of action and focus topics:

  • Based on our energy consumption data for 2019, we monitor the development of energy use in each of the business units, carrying out among other things for this purpose, the change of lighting fixtures to LED technology and the shutdown of equipment during peak hours.
  • To timely implement additional measures in favor of the environment, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are continuously monitored.
  • To encourage the continuous reduction of water consumption, we installed a water recirculation and rainwater collection process in Ecuador, as well as the use of closed circuits for the recirculation of water in the fiber cement processes. Likewise, in Mexico, we completely replaced the use of potable water, with treated water in its production processes.
  • Elementia Materiales manufactures all its products with raw materials that do not pose any risk to the health of its associates and the communities where it operates.
  • In order to mitigate any negative effects that may arise from its production activities, Elementia Materiales uses a significant proportion of recycled materials in the manufacture of its products.
  • Life Cycle Analyses are conducted for some product families, with the objective of improving their performance by means of eco-designs that are adjusted to the particular bioclimatic regions of each country and in terms of compliance with building envelope insulation; achieving, among other things: lower CO2 emissions (due to more efficient logistics) and minimizing waste generation (as it is a "tailor-made" product).

Economics and Governance

Having a solid corporate governance means having a regulatory framework that obliges us to comply with structured business guidelines and practices that ensure fairness, transparency and accountability to shareholders, along with a well-organized and efficient management for associates, customers, investors and the communities in which we operate.

In other words, for Elementia Materiales the corporate governance represents a sustainability principle that enables it to lay the necessary foundations for greater value generation.

In this wise, we have defined the following focus areas to strengthen our corporate governance and widen our economic impact in the places where we operate:

  • Our Code of Ethics contains the core values for Elementia Materials, providing a framework for decision-making and identifying commitments to customers, associates, suppliers, shareholders, competitors and communities.
  • In Elementia Materials we have at the disposal of all our stakeholders, the general policies and procedures that govern the Company, such as: Integrity Policy, Code of Ethics, Anticorruption Statement, Conflict of Interest, Improper Payment or Bribery, COVID-19 Commitments, among others.
  • We strive to deploy steady improvement processes in order to strengthen the quality of products and services while reducing production costs.
  • We incorporated multidisciplinary innovation committees to analyze different perspectives for innovation, while maintaining a customer focus and looing to generate environmentally friendly products and procedures.
  • Among our most recent innovations are: 1) a line of plastic roofs that uses post-industrial waste in its fabrication, preventing this from reaching a landfill; 2) Elementia's Advanced Construction System, which allows us to build construction solutions that are resistant to natural phenomena, particularly earthquakes.
  • Through our Code of Ethics for Suppliers, we establish and require certain commercial practices for a healthy business relationship that ensures compliance with the Corporation's ethical principles.
  • We have procedures in force to verify compliance with quality standards as well as evaluations of environmental and social criteria, occupational health and safety, as well as suppliers' adherence to the Supplier Code of Ethics.
  • We strive to be a customer-oriented company that adopts active listening and decision-making mechanisms to provide our customers with solutions of increasing value.
  • To guarantee total satisfaction, we perform customer service surveys using tools such as the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which evaluated aspects such as customer service, order scheduling and delivery, and quality of service and products.

Sustainability Reports

All of Elementia Materials' sustainability initiatives were timely published in Elementia's Sustainability Reports. For more information please visit: